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Whole Society Meeting visit to Haldon Forest Park - South Western Division

  • Venue - Haldon Forest Park, Bullers Hill

The second day of our annual Whole Society Meeting takes place at Haldon Forest Park.  The Haldon Forest area (1728ha) is made up of a large forest block along the Haldon ridge with a number of outliers surrounding it. Haldon Forest SSSI is designated for its dwarf heathland, raptor and lepidotera assemblages and nightjar. The public forest here is predominantly conifer having been planted after the First World War and now includes large areas of restored lowland heathland and rotational forestry. The forest also provides a unique outdoor experience and is a key tourist site for Exeter and Devon, with thousands of visitors every year.  Lunch will be held at the nearby Exeter Racecourse restaurant which has excellent views of the course and surrounding woodland.

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Most all-day meetings start at around 10:00 and end at around 16:00, but please check precise details with the Local Honorary Secretary.

RFS meetings take place out in the woods in all weathers. Appropriate footwear and clothing should be worn. Please be aware of your health and safety at all times. Do not take risks that could put you or others in danger. Do not attempt to do anything that you do not feel confident about. Please follow instructions.

RFS members are welcome to attend events in any Division.