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Woodland meetings by Division

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This will display the meetings taking place, where and when in the selected Division.


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Contact the local RFS Secretary (as indicated on the EVENT CALENDAR) for further information.

If you enjoy the day, we hope you will decide to JOIN the RFS and come back for more.

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North West
  • Morning venue - Rigg Wood, Coniston
  • Afternoon venue - Crag Howe, Coniston

Whole Day meeting.

Rigg Wood - ASNW and PAWS.  Difficult harvesting and interesting woodland archaeology and ecology.

Crag Howe - Ancient limes, ash disease, woodland archaeology and catttle grazing in woodland.

For more information please contact the local Honorary Secretary:  Ian Jack.



  • Morning Venue - Heart Wood, Tebay
  • Afternoon venue - Weasdale Nursery, Newbiggin-on-Lune

Whole day meeting.

Heart Wood, Tebay - Iconic and well loved eastern Lake District wood with sensitive management prescriptions.

Weasdale Nursery - Renowned tree and shrub nursery noted for producing hardy stock.

For more information please contact the local Honorary Secretary: Ian Jack.

  • Morning venue - Clayton Vale, Manchester
  • Afternoon venue - Manchester Tree Station, Manchester

Wholel day meeting.

Clayton Vale - Former landfill planted 40 years ago, now a nature reserve. Management prescriptions in a large city.

Manchester Tree Station - Community owned and ethically based tree work enterprise with emphasis on sustainable use of woodland produce.

For more information please contact the local Honorary Secretary: Ian Jack.