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Woodland meetings by Division

Every year, the Royal Forestry Society offers up a superb programme of almost 100 woodland visits throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  These visits showcase all aspects of forestry and woodland management and are an excellent opportunity for members to meet, learn and exchange ideas whilst visiting varied and interesting woodlands, many of which are not accessible to the general public.

RFS members are entitled to join ANY visit, regardless of which division they are a member of, and will always receive a warm welcome from other divisions.  

To attend a visit, RFS members should simply email their Divisional Honorary Secretary (email address supplied on the fixtures card and on the contacts page of QJF) or email 

If you're not a yet member of the RFS, it is possible to go along as a guest.  If you enjoy the day, we hope you will decide to JOIN and come back for more.

To use the map:

Hover your cursor over the divisional area of the country you would like to look at, then click. 

This will bring up the list of divisional visits below, including date, venue, theme and timings for the day. 

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North-West Midlands
  • Kedleston Estate, Derbyshire

Multifunctional woodland (278 acres) with benefits and constraints including: landscape, shoot and wildlife, and the pleasures and enjoyment of ownership.

For further information, please contact the local Honorary Secretary: Chris Henretty.

  • Venue -  Swynerton Estate, Staffordshire

Mitigating the effects of HS2 by woodland planting.

For further information please contact the local Honorary Secretary: Chris Henretty.

  • Venue - Earl of Plymouth's Estate, Ludlow

Multi-purpose Estate Forestry.

For more information please contact the local Honorary Secretary: Chris Henretty.