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Woodland meetings by Division

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Not a member?  Go along as a guest!

Contact the local RFS Secretary (as indicated on the EVENT CALENDAR) for further information.

If you enjoy the day, we hope you will decide to JOIN the RFS and come back for more.

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Northern Ireland
  • Venue - Larchfield Estate, Lisburn

Mixed woodland restructuring and restoration, invasive species control, game management, biomass and estate diversificatiion.

For further information please contact the local Honorary Secretary: Brian Malcomson.

  • Venue - Castle Archdale, County Fermanagh

Tree & Plant Health Conference

This event is an additional fixture to the calendar and is open to all members of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), Society of Irish Foresters (SIF) and Royal Forestry Society (RFS).  This conference will provide all those in the industry with an update on tree and plant health specific to the island of Ireland and measures to mitigate this risk.  

The day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. The day is split into 2 sections - the morning section will be a series of presentations by different speakers and the topics include:-          


  • Science update
  • Biosecurity and reporting
  • Policy development
  • Resilience and tree health


The afternoon is a series of site visits  based on future management planning for:

  • 18 year old pure ash
  • Semi-natural mixed broadleaf woodland
  • European larch component of mixed woodland

The visits are close by the venue of the morning session and coach transport will be provided to get attendees to and from the sites. It is advised that attendees wear suitable clothing and footwear for the site visits depending on the weather at the time. Tea/coffee and scones will be provided at mid-morning. Tea/coffee will be provided at lunch. Delegates are expected to bring their own packed lunch with them.


Booking to attend the event is essential.


Fore more information please contact the local Honorary Secretary Brian Malcomson

  • Venue - Glenveagh National Park, Co. Donegal

Plans are underway to organise a summer meeting at Glenveagh National Park. 

Theme - habitat and wildlife management, invasive species control and deer management.

In order to make travel arrangements as easy as possible we would intend to organise a bus to collect members from a few stops along the way.  Before arrangements can be confirmed we need to ensure adequate interest in numbers as there will be a small charge for each member for the bus, parking fees and lunch.  Members are welcome to bring along friends and family even if they are not members.

Please contact the local Honorable Secretary Brian Malcomson for more information.

  • Venue - Drenagh Estate, Limavady

Autumn meeting and AGM at Drenagh Estate followed by a visit to Drenagh Sawmill Ltd.


For more information please contact the local Honorary Secretary Brian Malcomson