National Forest: Battram Wood

  • A young forest created on arable land
  • A demonstration of how to create a model multi-purpose woodland from scratch
  • An example of professional management and silviculture to create best quality timber
  • An opportunity to educate about forest management, encourage community involvement and provide habitats for conservation purposes

Purchased in 1998, Battram Wood is an excellent example of how arable farmland can be developed into an economically viable woodland. Situated in the National Forest, this 48ha site near the village of Ibstock aims to maximise timer quality through professional management, ensure all operations are run economically, maintain and enhance existing public access and wildlife habitats and also educate forest industries and the wider community about forestry.

Although a young woodland, with planting occurring between 1999 and 2001, it provides an excellent place for walkers, tree enthusiasts and those interested in seeing how a young woodland can develop.

More information about our woods at Battram can be found in the documents below.


  • Our leaflet provides a brief history of the site, and what sights you should look out for when you visit. It also provides information regarding the past, present and future management and a map will help you plan your visit around the woods.
  • The case study provides a detailed history of the site’s management, in-depth analysis of the economics of woodland creation, and the challenges faced at the site and by woodland managers in general.



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