Woodland Meetings

The RFS organises outdoor meetings from April to October to over 90 woods, forests, nurseries or places to do with trees, wood use and the environment. Guided tour of National pinetum © J. Jackson

These are usually informal but structured visits to see and discuss how others are managing their trees - and often to sites not normally open to the public.

Visits may be to private, voluntary or public venues such as woods, arboreta, nurseries, mills or anywhere to do with trees and the environment.

Our outdoor meetings are popular with members and provide a learning experience firsthand, a social occasion and a wonderful networking day.

Most Divisions have indoor talks and social evenings in winter too.

Full details of all forthcoming events are available via the Calendar.

To go along as a guest, contact the local RFS Secretary (as indicated on the Calendar) - and if you liked the day, we hope you will decide to join the RFS and come back for more.