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The Pancake Wood Challenge is an ideal classroom resource that can be explored by the whole class together in a teacher-led lesson using an ICT whiteboard, or as an individual child-led ICT session.

To accompany the resource we have produced some linked investigations which help to bring some of the learning to life. These can be carried out in the classroom and within the school grounds. Click the links below to download the PDFs.

Additional learning materials for children on trees, global warming and photosynthesis have been created in partnership with the schools resource website Squizzes. Click here to view these.


Growing Plants Investigation

All flowering plants need light, warmth and water for healthy growth. In the Pancake Wood Challenge, the children discover what happens when the bluebells don’t get enough light; they don’t grow very well! This investigation involves growing some of your own seedlings and experimenting with different growing conditions by varying how much light, water and warmth each seedling has. It uses basic equipment such as yoghurt pots, seeds and compost and can be carried out in the classroom or in your gardening area. The children will discover how varying each growing condition affects the general health of the plants.

Wild Plant Survey Investigation

All plants like to grow in certain conditions. In the Pancake Wood Challenge, the children discover how bluebells like the warmth and shelter provided by the trees so they are usually found growing underneath them! This investigation takes the children out into the school grounds to do their own plant survey. It uses materials such as sports hoops, paper, pencils and basic plant identity guides. The children will discover where particular types of common plants such as daisies and dandelions like to grow and why.

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