Economic Generator

Logs at paper mill
© Forestry Commission

The forestry industry in the UK supports about 35,000 full time jobs.

The development of our timber industry, based on wood from Britain's forests, has been a major success story. Over £1.6 billion has been invested in sawmills and paper and board mills over the last 15 years. A further £2 billion is expected to be invested over the next fifteen years, creating many new jobs.

The volume of wood supplied from British forests each year has more than doubled from 4 million m3 in the 1970s to nearly 9 million m3 today - and is projected to reach 15 million m3 by 2020. This offers further scope for investment by the British timber industry - in fact, some £2bn is expected to be invested over the next 15 years (on top of the £1.6bn spent over the last 15 years) - creating many new jobs.

Forests also offer types of intangible products and public benefits.

Expanding woodland cover and improving their management is a vital factor in regenerating both urban and rural areas and economies.