Hobby Woodlands

There are many people who own from one tree to a small wood or want to plant trees and care for them themselves.

There is a boom in sales of small "hobby" woodlands.

Small-scale, hands-on management is related to caring for more extensive woodlands but the resources needed are different. Much of the work is on a DIY basis and sound advice is crucial to get things right first go.

Please also get proper training and use all the approved gear when using machinery like chainsaws and clearing saws - they can be lethal in the wrong hands.

A number of organisations or publications give a good background.

Joining the RFS to read our Journal and attend our Woodland Meetings is a great way to get hands-on knowledge.

More: Organisations worth contacting include The Small Woods Association, BTCV and National Proficiency Training Council.

Other points of contact include Tree Wardens, local woodland initiatives and Local Authorities.

"Caring for Small Woods" by K. Broad (1998) from Earthscan Publications is an excellent handbook.