Wood-Based Panels

Five types of panelboard are produced in Britain and capture a major share of the UK market:

  1. Particleboard/Chipboard: mainly used for furniture, worktops, DIY, flooring, roofing and general construction. Seven industrial plants in the UK using British domestic timber have currently 66% of UK market share.
  2. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF): highly engineered versatile board which can be worked, turned and laminated – used for furniture, fittings, partitions, wall-linings, mouldings, flooring and general construction. Two industrial plants using British domestic timber have currently 63% of GB market share.
  3. Oriented Strand Board (OSB): a technology based product capable of competing with and often technically outperforming plywood – used for construction, sheathing, flooring, internal walls, roof decking, hoarding, shop-fitting, furniture and agricultural buildings. One industrial plant using British domestic timber currently has 65% of GB market share.
  4. Cement Board Particleboard: engineered from a cement wood mix to produce a fireproof panel for use in building construction, internal and external walls, fire-resistant elements, asbestos substitute and acoustically sensitive applications.
  5. Hardboard: a high density fibreboard used mainly in a variety of non-construction uses. One industrial plant using British domestic timber.

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