Wood Based Products

Some wood harvested in the forest is converted on site - but much is transported to mills for processing into other wood-based products.

After trees are felled, what they are useful for depends a lot on their size or log diameter. Larger quality logs go to sawmills. Smaller ones from thinnings and/or poor quality ones are transported to panel board or paper mills.

The combination of a steadily increasing timber resource and continuing Government support has given timber processors the confidence to build new processing capacity in the UK. Since the mid 1980s more than £1.6 billion has been invested, resulting in the most modern wood processing industry in Europe.

While Britain remains a relatively small timber producer compared with the world's major timber exporting nations, British grown timber is fully competitive with the imported product for the bulk markets of pulp, wood-based sheet materials, board and construction timber.

The processing area of the British forestry industry is built around four distinct forest products sectors: