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Royal Forestry Society welcomes British Isles Squirrel Accord
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The RFS is delighted to have played a key part in developing a new Squirrel Accord for the British Isles which emphasises the need to control grey squirrels to protect the UK’s woodlands as well as conserving red squirrels.


Talking squirrels: RFS Development Director Simon Lloyd, left, with Mike Pratt of Red Squirrels Northern England and HRH The Prince of Wales, © Paul Burns Photography

The Accord was unveiled at Dumfries House and has the support of HRH the Prince of Wales as well as Environment Minister Owen Paterson, Scottish Natural Heritage, Defra, the Scottish Government, the Forestry Commission  and the Red Squirrel Survival Trust.

RFS Development Director Simon Lloyd said: “Our own survey of woodland owners and managers has shown that the majority believe grey squirrel damage to be the main threat to our woodlands – ahead of pests, disease and deer damage. Grey squirrels have caused immense damage in woodlands by stripping bark, sometimes killing the trees and often to an extent that few will ever reach their full environmental or timber potential.

“This Accord brings together the many UK organisations from governmental, private and voluntary sectors interested in red squirrel conservation and grey squirrel control under a common aim. It will provide a focus for shared action for effective partnerships at regional and national levels. We also welcome the Environment Minister’s commitment to a new strategy to be published later this year.”

Details of the Accord are available via our Hot Topic page.