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Awards for Yorkshire and Welsh foresters
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Three foresters from Yorkshire and one from North Wales are amongst the latest to be recognised by the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) for their lifetime careers helping to develop well managed woodlands.

In North Wales, Raymond Williams, 63, of Llanrug, near Caernarfon, received a Long Service Awards for more than 31 years working at Glynllifon College- a career which followed 15 years at Vaenol Estate.

Pictured: Raymond Williams, left, with President Sir Jack Whitaker ( Les Starling)

Raymond is responsible for the daily management of 148ha of woodlands within the park and Eurwyn Edwards, Development Director, Glynllifon, said: "Raymond has a wealth of practical, hands on experience and is highly regarded within the industry and by students.

"He has undertaken the training and assessment of several advanced forest related works. Technology and new concepts are often challenging, but not for Raymond who has mastered the ability to operate complicated forest mill equipment and kept abreast of legislation especially in relation to aspects such as Health and Safety, and various assessment requirements.

"It has been a pleasure working with Raymond and his co-workers support the nomination for the RFS Long Service award which is most deserving."

In Yorkshire, Norman Hutchinson, 69, Head Forester at Swinton Estate, Ripon, received a Long Service Award for more than 30 years service on the estate. Before joining Swinton Estate, Norman had already worked for Forestry Commission, Milton Keynes Development Corporation, Bedford Estates, Woburn, Whitbread Estate, Southhill Park, Nr. Biggleswade - a forestry career spanning 50 years!

Norman is a long-standing member of RFS and served on Committee of the Yorkshire Branch. He has also served on many sports committees over the years, and is currently Chairman of Masham Golf Club.

Norman Hutchinson & Shaun Purkiss_LSA_150814_WN
Norman Hutchinson, left, Head Forester at the Swinton Estate, Masham, and Shaun Purkiss, Head Forester at the Zetland Estate, with RFS Long Service Awards

Two members of the Zetland Estate at Aske, Richmond, have also received Long Service Awards.

 Shaun Purkiss, 50, left school at 16 to work in the estate'sforestry department and Is now head of the department. He was presented with an award for his 34 years service. During his time four biomass boilers have been installed on the Zetland Estates powered thanks to sustainable management of estate woodlands. Shaun is also a keen birdwatcher and has developed habitats for birds such as goshawks. Away from work he is an accomplished cross country runner and a leading light of Richmond & Zetland Harriers.

 Richard Teasdale, 50, is a versatile cutter, tractor and forwarder driver and was recognised for 33 years service on the Zetland Estate. In the last six years he has delivered over 3500 tons of biomass woodchip to the estate's boiler. He is a big advocate of conifer woodlands, a lover of bird life, and , say his employers, "A perfect example of an Estate woodman ".