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Moulton College wins RFS Truncator Award for teaching excellence
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A Northamptonshire College committed to partnership working to achieve excellence in the teaching and learning of forestry and woodland management skills, has been named as the RFS Truncator Award winner of the Year.

The award recognises the Arboriculture and Countryside team at Moulton College which has provided outstanding and inspirational teaching to their students.

Rfs Truncator Award Image Credit Moulton College Web

RFS Truncator 2015 Award winners for Excellence in Teaching: Moulton College's Arboriculture and Countryside team with Truncator Director Steve Tonkin and RFS Chief Executive Simon Lloyd 

Picture Credit: Moulton College

RFS Chief Executive Simon Lloyd said: "There is a skills gap within forestry and woodland management and, as a sector, we need to be encouraging innovative and effective teaching which inspires young people to go on and follow rewarding careers.

"Moulton's approach of proactively seeking to work in collaboration with external organisations to deliver project work at four local sites, is providing further and higher education students with rewarding learning and improved insights into the opportunities which exist in the market place. Our thanks to Truncator for supporting this award."

For Moulton College, Senior Lecturer Dr James Littlemore, said: "For many years now, we have worked to forge long-standing external links with industry – this in turn has fostered partnership activities so our students, regardless of their course or academic level, have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and experience how forestry and woodland management works in the real world.

"We are very grateful to our long standing partners and our many success stories point to the value of the teaching and learning experience. All of this has been done with little or no budget, which is a clear testimony to the professional integrity of those staff involved’.

Presenting Moulton with a 6Pro sawhorse and a 4fold sawhorse to the winning team, Truncator Director Steve Tonkin said: "We have been very excited to sponsor the RFS Truncator Award. It is our first time sponsoring a learning competition. We are even more chuffed that the award has gone to a 'hands on' learning environment.

"Our sawhorse is all about safety and efficiency and to have Moulton College win with an excellent entry has us all very proud here at Truncator. To continually look to integrate industry into the learning environment is a key to the success of the College and its students."

Demo Rfs Truncator Award Image 3 Credit Moulton College Web
Truncator's Steve Tomkin gives a sawhorse demo. Picture Credit: Moulton College

The College has also submitted an article to the RFS Quarterly Journal of Forestry to share its experiences wider.