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RFS joins Charter call
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The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has joined a call to create a Charter for Trees, Woods and People to place them at the centre of national decision making, and back at the heart of UK lives and communities.

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The call, led by the Woodland Trust, comes from more than 40 organisations who believe: "Today, our nation’s woods and trees are facing unprecedented pressures from development, pests and diseases and climate change. They risk being neglected, undervalued and forgotten."

A Charter website has been established where people are being encouraged to share their stories. A number of events are being planned.

Simon Lloyd Expertvoices 181114 Wn
RFS Chief Executive Simon Lloyd: Welcoming the Charter call

RFS Chief Executive Simon Lloyd said: "The RFS welcomes the call for a Charter for Trees, Woods and People as an opportunity for a wide range of organisations to come together to raise public awareness and understanding of the incalculable role of trees and woods in the landscape, culture and economy of our country. The aims of the Charter initiative are consistent with the RFS long term vision that all woods are actively managed and valued by all for their economic, social and environmental benefits."

The Charter will be launched in November 2017, 500 years after Henry III signed a Charter of the Forest which protected the rights of people to access and use the Royal Forests at a time when grazing livestock, collecting firewood and foraging for food were of paramount concern.

It will provide guidance and inspiration for policy, practice, innovation and enjoyment. Redefining the everyday benefits that we all gain from woods and trees in our lives, for everyone, from Government to businesses, communities and individuals.