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Forestry four go travelling
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The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has awarded four Randle Travel bursaries this year to help individuals studying forestry and woodland topics abroad.

They have all been invited to submit articles to the Quarterly Journal of Forestry to share their experiences and knowledge gained with others.

The awards go to:

Yosukefukushima Randletravel 260315 Wn
Yusoke Fukushima

Yosuke Fukushima, who is studying for an MSc in Agroforestry at Bangor University. He will be travelling to Kalimantan island in Indonesia to look at sustainable use of non-timber forest products, including edible fruits of mangrove trees, that could help to promote sustainable forest management. He will be conducting forest inventory in the field as well as laboratory work back in Bangor as part of his dissertation project.


Neilhumpris Randletravel 260315 Wn 2
Neil Humphris

Neil Humphris, the RFS South Eastern Division chairman and Leconfield Estate Head Forester, to journey with four other foresters from South East England to visit four forestry locations in Belarus to transfer knowledge of seed to sawmill between foresters and students.

Simonleadbeater Randletravel 260315 Wn
Simon Leadbeater

Dr Simon Leadbeater from Harpenden, Herts, a woodland owner and founding director of Priors Environmental Ltd, to visit the Bialowieza forest in Poland to meet with forestry experts and study how small-leaved limes grow in a semi naturalstate. He aims to apply that knowledge to the restoration of his PAWS woodland.


Robmcbride Randletravel 260315 Wn
Rob McBride

Rob McBride - aka the treehunter- from Ellesmere, Shropshire. As a member of the European Champion Tree Forum and host of the awards ceremony of the European Tree of the Year 2014, he has been visiting the14 participating countries in this year's contest, talking to broadcasters and media and promoting European cultural trees, trees & forest health benefits. 


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