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Silky Fox Handsaw Awards 2016
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Silky Fox Handsaw Awards have been presented by the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) to 13 outstanding forestry students on practical forestry and arboriculture courses at 11 colleges in England and Wales.

Across the board students were praised for their high levels of motivation, ability to work in tough conditions and excellence in written and practical examinations.

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Top and middle: Daniel Owen and Dylan Ellis with North Wales Division Chairman Christine Cahalan,left, and RFS President Sophie Churchill. Both pictures: Les Starling.

Above: Ryan White, right, with RFS Vice President Andrew Woods 


Receiving her nomination, Kirsty Smith of Northumberland College, said: “The past year at college has been a great experience in learning about arboriculture, gaining new skills and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

"I’ve managed to achieve my personal goals and more with the collective help of the tutors who have always been generous in sharing their time, knowledge and experience. I hope that I can continue to improve on these skills as I move forward.”

The awards are presented with the valued support of David Davenport of Silky Fox Handsaws UK.

For the RFS, Future Foresters Project Officer Adam Todd said: "It is important that students who have strengths in both forestry knowledge and practical skills are given the recognition they deserve, something which the Silky Fox Handsaw Award aims to help achieve. With a respected RFS award on their CV, we wish all who have been recognised every success with their future career in forestry."

James Littlemore, Senior Lecturer at Moulton College and Member of the RFS Education Advisory Committee says: " This award is a truly innovative way to reward Further Education students who come to our College through a more vocational route. The impact of receiving this accolade will provide them with a real boost to motivate them to make a real impact in the sector and as a College it is a real pleasure to continue to be involved in this initiative."

And Chris Knight from Coleg Gwent said: " The learners do strive to attain the prestige that this award offers them within the working environment and it is a great pleasure to see this nomination going forward."

Silky Fox Handsaw Awards have been awarded to the following:

  • Capel Manor                                      - Paul Nicholson &                                                                         Jake Carey
  • Abingdon & Witney                            – Joe Lemar
  • Coleg Llysfasi                                    – Thorr Parry
  • Coleg Gwent                                     – Ryan White
  • Coleg Glynllifon                                 – Daniel Owen &                                                                         Dylan Ellis
  • Hadlow College                                  – Louie Wilmshurst
  • Horticultural Correspondence College – Steven Greenwell
  • Moulton College                                 – Rowan Routley
  • Northumberland College                     – Kirsty Smith
  • Plumpton College                               - ­William Auger
  • Sparsholt College                               – Giles Coughlan


Full details of all RFS awards can be found here