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TreesPlease sponsor Duke of Cornwall Award
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The Royal Forestry Society is delighted to announce that Northumberland based TreesPlease is to join John Clegg and Co as sponsors of the Duke of Cornwall Award for Resilient Multipurpose Forestry 2017.

Trees Please Master Logo 2015

Welcoming them, RFS Chief Executive Simon Lloyd said: " Building greater resilience into woodlands is vital to meet the environmental challenges that risk their health and productivity. This requires careful consideration of a wider palette of tree species and provenances. TreesPlease is helping to lead the way in home-grown provision with more than 25 years of expertise to offer. We are delighted that TreesPlease are supporting this award."   

TreesPlease is a leading supplier of UK grown bare-root  trees, shrubs and accessories for forestry, woodland, agriculture, landscape and gardens. The Duke of Cornwall Award is one of five categories that form the RFS Excellence in Forestry Awards, the premier competition for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

William Massey said: " Here at TreesPlease we believe that managing diversity is key to ensuring that the UK woodlands remain healthy and productive, whilst also meeting environmental and social objectives. This requires careful planning, considering the future climate, disease out breaks and commercial objectives. We are proud to sponsor the award for Resilient Multipurpose forestry, which encourages strategic forward planning, encouraging diverse woodland environments and individual management plans."

Details of the Excellence in Forestry 2017 awards and how to enter will be announced shortly. Case studies from previous award winners can be found here.