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Forest Manager Ben wins Alec Pyman Award
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Ben Taylor, a Forest Manager with Scottish Woodlands Ltd, has won the Royal Forestry Society's (RFS) Alec Pyman Award after being named 'best student' in his forestry course at the University of Cumbria.

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Ben Taylor wins the Alec Pyman Award

Ben joined Scottish Woodlands four years ago and has progressed from an assistant to forestmanager where he gets involved in a range of activities from GIS mapping to authoring forest plans and arranging and managing forestry operations (new planting, felling, restocking, road building). He decided to take the part time FdSc Forestry course at the University of Cumbria to further develop his knowledge of forestry.

He explains: " My first degree was in Ecology at the University of Aberdeen. For my final year thesis, I worked out in Sri Lanka on forest fragments located within abandoned tea plantations. Realising I enjoyed working in a forest environment spurred me on to pursue it as a career."

It is a decision he has not regretted, as he adds: " It is nice to be following an environmental career with a physical impact, such as the potential to create new woodlands as opposed to be working theoretically or not be able to see something through on the ground."

The Alec Pyman Award is presented annually by the RFS North Western Division and is one of a number of awards presented by the RFS and its Divisions to students every year. More information is available here.