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RFS Teaching Trees comes to Herefordshire and Worcestershire
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The highly regarded Royal Forestry Society (RFS) Teaching Trees programme is expanding into Herefordshire and Worcestershire - thanks to the support of RFS members and local woodland owners, including the Duchy of Cornwall's Herefordshire Estate and the Whitbourne Estate.

RFS Teaching Trees offers primary schools free visits to local woodlands, giving children the

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Faye Esrich: the RFS's first Teaching Trees Officer for Herefordshire and Worcestershire

opportunity to learn about trees, woodlands and forestry in a fun and hands on way. It aims to give pupils an appreciation of woodlands’ value for wildlife, for timber and for enjoyment. The scheme was set up 15 years ago in the north east of England and has been expanding ever since.

Faye Esrich from Malvern has been appointed the RFS's first Education Officer for the area and will lead the sessions. She is a qualified primary school teacher with a passion for outdoor learning and linking schools with countryside sites.

Faye has worked in environmental education for 13 years and taught all ages on farm and woodland sites. She also currently runs teacher training sessions for the Soil Association to inspire teachers to take their pupils out on visits to farms and into the countryside.

She says: "I am really excited about welcoming children into the counties’ woodland sites. It is rewarding to be able to share my enjoyment and understanding of woodlands with children and I hope they all take home positive memories that will be the start of a lifelong enjoyment of and respect for the countryside around them.” 

Find out more about booking Teaching Trees here or email or contact the RFS on 01295 678588. Sessions are free and usually last two hours.