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Making Woodlands Pay
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A major conference featuring a wide range of experts in forestry and finance will address the perennial challenge of how to make woodlands pay.

The economics of woodland management have changed dramatically in recent years and the event, jointly hosted by the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) and Confor, will advise owners how to tap into new and emerging opportunities.

 Rfs Chief Executive Simon Lloyd Lr
RFS Chief Exective Simon Lloyd: "It's vital that woodland owenrs and manager have a good understanding of economics of woodland management."

Expert speakers will examine the economics of woodland management, compare and contrast silviculture systems and suggest how owners can add value to their woodlands – using timber and non-timber products - to achieve financial sustainability.

The event – called simply Making Woodlands Pay – takes place at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire on 1st November.

Sir Harry Studholme, Chairman of the Forestry Commission and a highly experienced adviser on forest investment, will deliver an overview of the key considerations to achieve profitable woodland management.

Other confirmed speakers include: Oliver Coombe (Timber Auctions), Justin Mumford (Lockhart Garratt), Jason Sinden (Tilhill Forestry), Dr Steve Lee and Dr Gary Kerr (both Forest Research) and Dr Jenny Wong (University of Bangor). Three case studies will also feature.

Full details and tickets are available here with limited early bird availability.

Royal Forestry Society Chief Executive Simon Lloyd says: "It is vital that landowners and managers have a good understanding of the economics of woodland management. A profitable woodland is more likely to be managed. That is good not only for the owner and the local economy, but also for the health and vigour of trees and wildlife.

Stuart Goodall Conf2016 160516 Conforlr
Confor Chief Executive Stuart Goodall: "Active woodland management is key to the future health of our rural economy."

"The RFS is delighted to be partnering with Confor to host a conference on this important topic. The conference showcases many recent developments in woodland management practice and markets for wood products which provide opportunities for woodland owners to improve returns and add value to their woodlands.”

Stuart Goodall, Chief Executive of Confor, said: “Active woodland management is key to the future health of our rural economy – and active management depends upon woodland owners making well-informed decisions. This event is all about delivering the information and intelligence needed to make those decisions. Confor is pleased to be partnering with the RFS and I look forward to a very relevant and useful event.”

The conference is sponsored by Tilhill Forestry and supported by the NDG James Memorial Fund.