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2017 Excellence in Forestry Winners
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From the magnificent Carburton and Clumber Woods near Worksop in Nottinghamshire to the tiny Foundry Wood in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, this year's Excellence in Forestry Awards have once again revealed inspiring tales of forestry, woodland management and education and learning projects.

More details of each woodland can be found here

Docgold17 Carburtonand Clumber P1060878

Above: Duke of Cornwall Gold for the Forestry Commission's Carburton and Clumber Woods: demonstrating mature conifer, thicket plantation birch, recently planted Leyland cypress, retained broadleaves for diversity, song posts for tree pipits and a dead stump for the bugs and beasties!

Urband Comsilver17 Foundrywoodcoppic Cls 060617
Above: Urban and Community Award for Foundry Wood where this coppiced area is a favourite with children. Picture: Les Starling

Winners are:

Duke of Cornwall Award for Multipurpose Resilient Woods

(Sponsors: TreesPlease and John Clegg & Co)

Gold: Carburton and Clumber Woods, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, owned by the Forestry Commission

Joint Silver: Morton Hall Estate, Ranby, Retford, Nottinghamshire owned by the Mason family.


Wakefield Lodge Estate, Potterspury, Northamptonshire,owned by Julian Richmond-Watson

Certificate of Merit: Grimsthorpe Park woodland, Lincolnshire owned by Grimsthorpe and Drummond Castle Trust Ltd


RFS Silviculture Award

(Sponsors: Tilhill Forestry and Tubex)

Gold: Hoveton Estate, Norfolk, owned by Sir John and Tom Blofeld

Silver: Peacock Wood, Hole Farm, Hempstead, Norfolk owned by Airlie Inglis


Farm and Small Woodlands Awards

(Partners: RASE)

Gold: Nursery Wood, Dunsby , Lincolnshire owned and managed by Hugh Dorrington

Silver: Needham Hill Farm, Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire, owned by Vera Oxby


Urban and Community Forestry

Gold: Warley Woods, Smethwick, West Midlands, managed by Warley Woods Community Trust

Joint Silver: Foundry Wood, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire managed by ARC CIC and Friends of Foundry Wood


Lynford Arboretum, Thetford, Norfolk, owned by Forestry Commission England and managed by Friends of Thetford Forest

Highly Commended: Ashing Lane Nature Reserve, Dunholme, Lincolnshire managed by Netttleham Woodland Trust


Education and Learning Award

(Sponsors: PEFC)

Gold: Hill Holt Wood, Lincolnshire, for The Study Programme

Silver: Green Light Trust, Lawshall, Suffolk ,for its Greener Lives Programme

Highly Commended: Forestry Commission - Health Safety & Technical Training for their Forest Craftsperson Apprenticeship

The full judges' report will be included in the October issue of the QJF.