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Agroforestry in England: Seven recommendations for the UK government
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The RFS is among organisations supporting seven recommendations contained in a new report launched today, Agroforestry in England: Benefits, Barriers & Opportunities.

Agroforestry Credit Stephen Briggs Lr 275X184
Agroforestry: a win-win for productivity, environmental protection and agricultural resilience. Picture: Stephen Briggs

The report has been produced by the Soil Association and Woodland Trust in partnership with 11 other organisations.

They all believe agroforestry would be a win-win for productivity, environmental protection and agricultural resilience and are calling on UK government to adopt the following recommendations to make agroforestry a priority for the future of farming:

  • Provide a clear definition of agroforestry
  • Make on-farm tree planting and management central to the UK’s new environmental land management scheme and reward the public goods delivered by agroforestry: carbon sequestration, flood remediation, soil organic matter improvement, biodiversity, and animal welfare
  • Establish major agroforestry trials during the EU withdrawal transition period
  • Train advisors to break the divide between forestry and agricultural advice and expertise
  • Integrate policy-making across departments and overcome the historic separation of forestry and farming
  • Incentivise long-term tenancy agreements to make it worthwhile for tenants to invest in establishing agroforestry and improving soil health
  • Recognise the vital role of trees in the new Agriculture Bill

Read the full report here