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    13 June 2014

    Three foresters – one from Sussex and two from Yorkshire – are among the latest to be recognised by the Royal Forestry Society for their long careers improving and maintaining woodlands. Long Service award for...more
    09 June 2014

    A remarkable forester who managed the Froyle Estate woodlands in Hampshire for nearly 60 years until his death aged 88 has been honoured by the RFS. Walter Start, who lived in Lower Froyle, Alton, had also...more
    06 June 2014

    The RFS is delighted to announce the winners of the Best of England Excellence in Forestry Awards, together with the first Woodlands for Climate Change Award. Judges in all categories were awed by the quality...more
    05 June 2014

    Kirkley Hall campus, part of Northumberland College, is the fourth college to become part of  an innovative new venture being led by the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) to keep coniferous trees on the map for...more
    09 May 2014

    FC Chair Pam Warhurst: Working together to tell the story that we are so much more than timber, forestry, woodlands and trees Date Issued: 09 May 2012   “We are so much more than timber,...more
    08 May 2014

    The RFS is delighted to have played a key part in developing a new Squirrel Accord for the British Isles which emphasises the need to control grey squirrels to protect the UK’s woodlands as well...more
    01 May 2014

    Five outstanding woodlands have been shortlisted for the RFS Woodlands for Climate Change Award. The woodlands have been planted in England in the last five years and must be able to demonstrate that they are...more
    27 April 2014

    Plumpton College near Lewes in East Sussex has become the third college to sign up to the  Royal Forestry Society’s flagship programme – Conifers for Colleges. The programme will involve forestry students in research into the...more
    16 April 2014

    Three major organisations serving public interests in forestry have come together, forming a powerful partnership to foster sustainable forest management in Britain. The Royal Forestry Society, Small Woods Association and the Sylva Foundation will be...more
    03 April 2014

    Out now! Our April Quarterly Journal of Forestry (QJF) featuring articles on ash, Mediterranean trees in Britain, our squirrel survey, how forestry novices turned a neglected woodland into an award winning site, and the classification of ancient...more