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The RFS welcomes blogs from members and experts in their field on all aspects of woodland management, forestry policy, forestry skills, timber uses and woodland education.

The author's opinions are their own and may not necessarily be shared by the RFS. If you have a topic you would like to submit as a blog please email:  

Our thanks to all who have shared their knowledge through blogs on a wide range of topics from  recognising deer damage and planting for diversity to the best classroom in the world and timber  in architecture. Please follow the links below

The most recent three blogs are:   

Jenturner Blogs Jan19 Wn 

 Welcoming Becky

January 2019

How Becky Wilkinson , our new Teaching Trees Cordinator,has hit the ground running as she takes this 'absolutely outstanding' programme forwards in 2019. More here



John Morris Dec 15 By Chris Smith

Winter ID for trees

January 2019

Winter is an important season for woodland work, with felling and replanting taking place, so it is important to be able to recognise trees at this time of year. In winter there are fewer clues to help you identify deciduous trees. Find out how John Morris can help here



Tonybird Blogspet Wn 19122018

Planting for diversity

December 2018

Tony Bird says the saddest environmental disaster of his life time has been the devastation of the UK’s elm tree population. Concerned by what is already happending and what might happen to our other native species he has been planting a diverse range of trees which are not native for more than 20 years on his estate in Warwickshire. More here