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RFS urges action on neglected woodlands
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RFS president, Anthony Bosanquet

Date Issued: 28 March 2011


The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) is urging Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman to encourage owners to bring neglected woodlands into active management and to provide further funding to develop robust solutions to diseases which threaten Britain’s tree stocks.

In a letter to the Environment Secretary, RFS President Anthony Bosanquet suggests future forestry planning should not focus excessively on new plantings, but on recognising good stewardship of forestry, and on encouraging currently neglected areas of woodland back into active management, to boost benefits for owners and for society in general.

He also presses for greater funding for applied research and development to generate the scientific basis for robust solutions to prevent trees stocks in Britain being decimated by ‘new’ exotic diseases such as Acute Oak Decline, Oak Processionary Moth,Phytophthora ramorumRed Band Needle Blight and Horse Chestnut Canker.

To view his letter, download the PDF below.



AB Letter to Environment Secretary (click to download)

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