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Valuing and Adding Value to Trees and Woodlands: successful RFS/RASE event
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RFS/RASE conference "Valuing trees and woodlands"

Date Issued: 26 April 2012


The latest in a long-running series of successful joint RFS/RASE events at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire took place on 23 April. Some 150 people participated.

A wide variety of speakers addressed issues on “Valuing and Adding Value to Trees and Woodlands”. Some of these talks will be posted on the RASE website at and major presentations will be published in the RFS Quarterly Journal of Forestry in July.

The RFS wishes to thank the RFS NDG James Memorial Fund which helped to underwrite the event and the RFS Spencer Bursary, which helped to fund 10 undergraduates RFS student members to attend the day.