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TOPICAL TOPIC: Bluebell woods
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Bluebell woods

Date Issued: 01 May 2012


TOPICAL TOPIC - Bluebell woods: To many people, a haze of bluebells in a dappled shaded wood is the epitome of an early summer in Britain. Carpets of bluebells in May are the subject of numerous watercolour paintings. Delighting in the scientific name of Hyacinthoides non-scripta, bluebells are native throughout Britain except Orkney and Shetland. In wetter, western Britain, bluebells may grow in the open away from a protective tree cover but in the east they do best in the shade and extra moisture of woodland. Making use of early summer sunlight before the main trees are fully out, casting them into deep shade, bluebells often form homogenous stands. … To learn more, visit The Woodshed.