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New Vice-Chair of the Arboriculture Association collects Excellence Award
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Arboricultural Association Vice-Chairman Jago Keen collects the RFS Lockhart Garratt trophy from RFS president Nick Halsey, left, and Lockhart Garratt Chairman John Lockhart, right.

Date Issued: 08 September 2012


The new Vice-Chairman of the Arboricultural Association, Surrey-based consultant Jago Keen, has collected the RFS Lockhart Garratt trophy for Arboricultural Excellence after coming top in the prestigious Professional Diploma in Arboriculture (PDArb) exams. Jago, 42, from Keen Consultants of Redlands Farm, Farnham, Surrey, provides a range of advice services to developers, national house-builders and planners in the UK and Europe. He is also Chairman of the Arboricultural Association’s Professional Committee and sits on their Board of Trustees.

He had obtained a National Diploma in Arboriculture from Merrist Wood in the 1990s and was looking to refresh his skills. Access to training for the PDArb was readily available through Tree Life and suited his vocational needs.

He explains: “The benefit to me was a chance to look afresh at some of our work practices, as stimulation for the grey cells and to make my qualifications commensurate with my level of work.

“It inspired me to further study and, while completing the PDArb, I began studying a Masters Degree in Conservation Management under Global Change; which I am due to finish soon.”

The award was presented at the Arboricultural Association conference.

RFS President Nick Halsey said; “The RFS started life in 1882 as the English Arboricultural Society at a time when Arboriculture and Silviculture were synonymous.

“Although the two disciplines have followed their own paths over the past 130 years, the RFS has retained a constant interest in arboriculture, not only through the award of academic qualifications, but also through arranging aboriculturally themed meetings and articles in the Quarterly Journal of Forestry.

“I have very great pleasure in presenting the RFS Lockhart Garratt Trophy to Jago Keen.”

Lockhart Garratt Chairman, John Lockhart said: “It was a real privilege to present this prestigious award to not only a deserving winner, but also a senior member of the Aboricultural Association.

“Jago and I discussed how the two organisations could work together more closely and identified some really exciting opportunities for further discussion.”

The Professional Diploma in Arboriculture (Level 6) Theory is studied part time on day release for 24 months and examined through ABC. A one-day management exercise day is also undertaken and assessed. More information on qualifications can be found in our Careers and Training section.