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RFS celebrates move to Upton Estate
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RFS President Nick Halsey plants a lime tree to celebrate the move to the Upton Estate

Date Issued: 17 April 2013


The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has pledged to strengthen the voice of its members in crucial debates on UK forestry and woodland management as it celebrates its move to the Hay Barns on the Upton Estate near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The RFS, founded in 1882, had been based in Tring, Hertfordshire, for more than 40 years. The move to the Upton Estate near Banbury means the RFS headquarters is at a more central location for its nearly 4000 members across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and is part of a reinvigoration of the Society.

The move was celebrated with an Open Day on 16 April, the planting of a lime tree on the Upton Estate and a briefing on tree diversity and resilience by John Weir, Forestry Commission Advisor on Woodland Expansion and Resilience.

RFS President Nick Halsey said: “This is a critical time for everyone who manages or loves woodlands. UK forestry faces challenges from pests and diseases, climate change and from global economic pressures. At the same time there is a boom in demand for wood fuel and huge potential for timber as a sustainable material than can lock away carbon.

“The RFS champions excellence in the management of trees, and will be working with partner organisations to encourage more woodlands back into management; we will be helping our members protect and improve their woodlands, and using our own woodlands and working alongside Upton Estate to provide examples of best practice.”

He also thanked the Upton Estate for their warm welcome and help in settling the RFS into its new home.

The RFS has 21 Divisions with members ranging from woodland owners, professional managers and ecologists to students, conservationists and woodland enthusiasts. Up to 100 woodland meetings each year form the backdrop for the sharing of knowledge and learning, and conferences, tours, awards, E-news and the RFS Quarterly Journal of Forestry (QJF) keep members up to date. New members are welcome.


RFS members at a tree planting to celebrate the move to the Upton Estate