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Woodland Visit To Gaddesden Estate Sept13 041

Trees and woodland play an incalculable role in the landscape, culture and economy of our country. The RFS is the largest and longest established education charity promoting the wise management of woods in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our mission is to inspire passion and excellence in woodland management. We do this through education and knowledge-sharing, which have been at the heart of the RFS ethos since its foundation in 1882.

Woods which produce sustainable timber, wood fuel and other products will be preserved.  This is better for nature conservation, better for public health, and better for the economy. But to achieve it, they need to be wisely managed.

This is our vision: that all woodlands are actively managed, and valued by all, for their social, economic and environmental benefits.

The RFS makes a unique and distinguished contribution, through the dissemination of practical and applied learning to all those involved in caring for trees and woodland. This learning is based on a long history of evidence based enquiry; informed experimentation, and willingness to share expertise freely. Our membership is inclusive of all woodland interests, which enriches the quality of this learning. Our divisional structure enables an annual programme of woodland meetings which is second to none, and our journal is highly prized for its unique mix of scientific articles, practical forestry advice and personal experience.

Our work spans:

The RFS has a diverse membership of 3,500+ members including woodland owners, professional foresters, arborists, countryside professionals, conservationists, lecturers, students and people with an active interest in learning about the care of woods and trees. Everybody is welcome. We do not represent the interests of any single group and so are a source of unbiased information for anyone caring for woodlands.

The work of the RFS is funded through donations, grants, legacies and corporate sponsorship, together with membership subscriptions. 

We are a Registered Charity (No. 306093) and also a charitable company limited by guarantee incorporated in England & Wales (No. 5306975). Our VAT registration number is 697 9058 62.