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QJF Oct 2007, Vol. 102, No. 4

  • RFS WHOLE SOCIETY MEETING NORTHERN IRELAND - MAY 2007 For this year’s Whole Society Meeting members crossed the water to NorthernIreland for a varied programme of visits in Fermanagh from 14-18 May. LesleyTrotter reports on the highlights of the tour.
  • Comparison of three tools for measuring tree diameter in stands of different age and stem size We compared three tools (callipers, Biltmore stick and diameter tape) commonly usedto measure diameter at breast height (dbh) in standing trees.
  • EARLY TO MID SEASON OBSERVATIONS ON HORSE CHESTNUT LEAF MINER In the summer of 2006 Terry Mabbett noted the effect of leaf miner infestationon the horse chestnut trees on a London common. This summer he went backto study the interaction between the moths and trees in more detail.
  • GREY SQUIRRELS AND WOODLAND BIRDS The British Trust for Ornithology and Game Conservancy Trust are looking forsuitable woodlands for their research into grey squirrel predation of birds.Chris Hewson explains how you can help.
  • THE COPPICE INDUSTRY: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE SOUTH EAST Debbie Bartlett and David Rossney describe how research into the area ofcoppice cut, the supply chain, setting up a coppice cutter database and carryingout training needs assessments to secure funding for training initiatives ishelping to develop the coppice industry in Kent and the South East.
  • WOODFUEL - THE GOVERNMENT’S STRATEGY With the publication of the Woodfuel Strategy, Rod Leslie, a key speaker at theRFS/RASE Woodfuel Conference earlier in the year, explains how seriousGovernment is about the woodfuel opportunity.
  • USING WOODFUEL... THE NEW FUEL! In another of our articles drawn from the Woodfuel Conference, Andy Halloutlines the myths and realities of using wood for heat and energy.
  • DEMAND FOR WOODFUEL Based on his presentation at the RFS/RASE Woodfuel conference earlier thisyear, Keith Richards explains how TV Energy is building a successful businesscapable of passing on the benefits of wood fuel supply and use to local peoplein the South East of England.
  • STAND MANAGEMENT UNDER CONTINUOUS COVER WORKING Tony Spencer considers the matter of yield regulation in a conifer plantationunder conversion to continuous cover working.