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The Quarterly Journal of Forestry  (QJF) enjoys a world-wide circulation with subscribers from many different countries; all RFS members receive it too (details below).

As a regular reader said recently:

“What I really like about the wide range of articles in the QJF is they are at a level which offers something for everyone and which does not lose the amateur reader nor insult the professional one”.

Each year the RFS awards the James Cup for the best article as judged by a panel of members. The winning articles can be downloaded from the resources section of this page.

View the full contents list of recent issues of the QJF using the drop down navigation menu at the bottom of this page. To access this content you must be an RFS member. Members can search for QJF articles by topic, author and key word for all QJFs published since 1986, and download full issues here


Publisher’s information:

The QJF Commissioning Editor is Dr Freia Bladon, who can be contacted on 

Guidelines for authors can be found here.

Guidelines for QJF Division Activity Reports can be found here.

The QJF is free to RFS members, available to non-members in the UK for £125 per annum and elsewhere at £240 per annum. Why not join us to receive the QJF free. For enquiries about advertising and non-member/library subscriptions, please contact the publisher:

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tel: 01233 633366

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