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Eucalyptus Silviculture - RFS one day training course


Date: Friday 01 October 2021

Instructor:  Bryan Elliott

Location:   Babworth Court, Babworth Estate, and Bawtry Estate, nr Retford, Nottinghamshire


Multi-aged silviculture has become an important aspect to the way that we understand natural forestry silviculture and the ensuing biodiversity and societal benefits that are generated.

Utilizing existing silvicultural knowledge on how Eucalyptus species have evolved and thrived in Australian climatic conditions and how they respond to planting in UK conditions. The various appropriate various targeted species that thrive in UK conditions focused on an understanding of the philosophy of species and natural processes. Species silvicultural requirements is foremost to enable UK Woodland Managers to deliver high productive Eucalyptus plantations that generate Biodiversity benefits as well as meeting economic short rotation forestry objectives. the trees to encourage Oak woodland to thrive and deliver biodiversity and societal benefits.

The course outline is to carry out a theoretical study in the morning with economic and visual presentations of Eucalyptus silviculture at a location near Babworth Estate, followed by various practical demonstrations of successful Eucalyptus silvicultural management at Bawtry Estate a few miles north of Retford.

Key learning outcomes are to:-

  • Understand silvicultural requirements of various Eucalyptus species
  • Understand UK physical and climatic constraints for growing Eucalypts to allow them to thrive and establish quickly -pre-plant requirements, ground preparation, guarding
  • Short Rotation Forestry and considering other silvicultural regime opportunities
  • Work through economic opportunities for cellulose productivity through plantations of Eucalyptus species in Short Rotation Forestry and other Silvicultural regimes
  • Consider various marketing opportunities for Eucalyptus timber production that is currently available and also future potential for regional, national and international.

Duration:  10.00am to 4.00pm

Price: £75.00 for RFS members / £85.00 for non RFS members

Note: Please bring a packed lunch as lunch is not provided.

About the tutor:

Bryan Elliott of Devon Forestry Consultants has been managing forests throughout UK for around 35 years with an interest in international silviculture.  He holds a degree in Forestry Management from Canterbury University, NZ under the tutelage of Dr Graham Whyte. Bryan is a member of Institute of Chartered Foresters, Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA), Confederation of Forest Industries (Confor) and the Royal Forestry Society.

The utilization and development of scarce timber resources throughout the world has become uppermost in our comprehension of natural silvicultural processes. The way that we understand natural forest processes and the impact that we have as forest managers and custodians on societal needs and inherent biodiversity pressures influences the ability of our forests to respond and thrive.  

Bryan Elliott Euc Photo