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Conferences and Seminars


Soils cultivation on afforestation sites 

Wednesday 03 February 2021 - New date!

Dr Jens Haufe, Forest Research, on behalf of Forestry and Climate Change Working Group

Foresters know there is a desperate need for a huge increase in afforestation to combat climate change through carbon sequestration.  This webinar is aimed at bolstering the forest industry's technical expertise in one of the most important first steps to achieving this – management of soils.   

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Wednesday 20 January - FULLY BOOKED

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Why specify Plant Healthy? 

Thursday 04 February 2021 - 11.00am

Prioritising biosecurity when purchasing plants and trees

The Small Woods Association has joined forces with the Forestry Climate Change Working Group (FCCWG), Plant Health Alliance and Grown in Britain to bring you a plant health and biosecurity event, Chaired by Simon Lloyd, Chief Executive of the RFS.

A range of speakers will discuss the importance of purchasing plants and trees from nurseries that are "Plant Healthy" certified.  The event aims to reduce the risk of introducing and spreading plants pests and diseases into the environment by improving plant biosecurity practices throughout the supply chain.

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Birmingham University

New dates and details to be confirmed ASAP





 Previous RFS Conferences & Seminars


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Climate Change Adaptation of Forests,

Woods and Trees in England

 A series of online workshops presented by expert members of the Forestry Climate Change Working Group (FCCWG) on 07, 16, 21 and 28 October 2020.  

Session 1 - The Challenge - 07 October 

To watch session 1 as a video, click on the link above.

Session 2 - Silvicultural Systems - 16 October

To watch session 2 as a video, click on the link above.

Session 3 - Species Choice - 21 October

To watch session 3 as a video, click on the link above.

Session 4 - Decision Support Tools - 28 October

To watch session 4 as a video, click on the link above.



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