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RFS Conference 2019 - Evolving the forest - Dartington Hall, Devon

  • Dates - Wednesday 19th to Friday 21st June 2019
  • Venue - Dartington Hall, Devon TQ9 6EL

The Evolving the Forest Conference was a huge success!  Thank you to all those that attended.  

Overview of the event:

A three-day forum drawing together a wide variety of voices to explore a heritage of woodland and forest and look to their future. In celebration of the Forestry Commission’s centenary it looked back at the last 100 years and looked forward to the next.  We drew on the wisdom of foresters, environmental managers, policy-makers, scientists and other experts; we heard the voices of artists, designers, writers and philosophers; and we learned from others around the world about their own cultural connections to trees, and the wood that produces some of the world’s most beautiful objects.

This event incorporated the annual conference of RFS and was our primary contribution to marking the Forestry Commission’s centenary. The event was produced by, renowned for their re-invention of the academic conference into something inclusive, collaborative, friendly, experiential and tactile.

To visit the conference's website please see or click here