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Woodland Meetings

The RFS offers a superb programme of woodland visits throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland showcasing all aspects of forestry and woodland management. These are excellent opportunities for members to meet and exchange ideas while visiting a wide variety of woodlands, many of which are not accessible to the public.  Members are entitled to join any visit. To attend, email the Divisional Honorary Secretary (email address supplied on the listing) or 

To use the map: hover your cursor over the divisional area of the country you would like to look at, then click. This brings up a list of divisional visits BELOW:

division mapmap_iremap_n_westmap_n_eastmap_yorkmap_n_walesmap_nw_midmap_nottmap_herefordmap_s_walesmap_worcmap_midmap_gloucmap_e_angmap_oxfmap_homecmap_londonmap_s_eastmap_southernmap_somersetmap_s_west