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The RFS delivers a wide-ranging education and learning programme. We make many of our resources available to assist others who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of trees, woodlands and forests. We also provide funding for learning, research and professional development.

Follow the links below for information about the RFS education and learning programme:  

 Future Foresters

For early & developing careers

Rfs Qualifications (1)

RFS theory awards and Certifications 

Teaching Trees (1)

Learn how we can support Primary education

Forestry Knowledge Hub

Tree & woodland advice & info

Bursaries And Studentships

Discover how RFS can help you study or attend events.

Forestry Case Studies

For examples of best practice




Additional RFS Education and Learning links:

The information we provide is to support education and learning relating to trees, woodlands and forests. The RFS does not provide legal advice pertaining to trees and woodlands and our information is not designed for that purpose.