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The RFS is committed to supporting individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge of trees, woods and sustainable forest management both in the UK and abroad.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we are able to provide a range of bursaries that subsidise or cover the costs for individual projects. Over the years, our funding has helped many people acquire new information about forestry and share their expertise with others. 

Below is a summary of current RFS bursaries. For more details, including how to apply, click on the heading for the relevant fund.


Bursary Purpose Eligibility Amount
The Spencer Bursary  Enable RFS student members to attend RFS events

RFS Student Members who are current students or recent graduates (within the last 2 years) of forestry/arboriculture degrees (or courses with a high forestry content).

Up to £150 to pay for entry to the event plus travel and expenses.
The Randle Travel Fund Enable RFS members of all ages to travel independently to enhance and share their forestry knowledge

Current RFS members or people who work full-time for a RFS corporate member. 

The trip must be either:

  • RFS Overseas Study Tours, either organised by the RFS Head Office or local RFS Division.
  • Individual trips abroad organised specifically enhance your forestry knowledge
Up to four awards of £300 each.
 The Yorkshire Bursary Enable study or research for an independent or collaborative forestry project. 

Applicants must be born or live in Yorkshire or be studying a forestry issue which specifically affects Yorkshire.

Students must be 18 years or older. 

 Up to £600 for travel and subsistence
The Viking Bursary  Enable independent, self-directed study or research which benefits the practical management or resilience of woodlands, principally in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Full- and part-time students enrolled on a forestry or closely related course, such as arboriculture, geography, rural land management, or environmental science.  The bursary fund has a maximum annual value of £2,000 which can be awarded to an individual or divided between applicants to the discretion of the committee.
The North-West Midlands Bursary  Enable school and early years staff to undertake Outdoor Learning training.

Staff employed in a state funded setting in Derbyshire, Staffordshire or Shropshire who will be attending an RFS Outdoor Learning training course.