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RFS - Randle Travel Bursary

Have you ever wanted to travel and extend your forestry knowledge?

Why not apply to the Randle Travel Fund?

£300 bursary to contribute to the costs of independent travel for RFS members


Through the generosity of the Trustees of the Donald Randle Trust, the RFS is able to offer bursaries to support members to travel overseas to enhance their forestry knowledge. Over the years, bursaries from the Randle Travel Fund (RTF) have helped a large number of RFS members, and promoted significant knowledge sharing and exchange.


Randle Travel Bursary 2021


There are four £300 bursaries available for RFS members who plan independent overseas travel to study any aspect of forestry. Due to current travel restrictions applicants have until May 2022 to complete their trip. Applications close 30 April.



  • Applicants must either be a individual or student member of the RFS or work full-time for a RFS corporate member. 
  • The Randle Travel Fund bursary will provide £300 to cover part or all of the subsistence and travel costs when taking part in either of the following:

RFS Overseas Study Tours, either organised by the RFS Head Office or local RFS Division.

Individual trips abroad organised specifically to enhance your forestry knowledge.

  • Randle Travel Fund bursaries exclude group expeditions or participation in tours or courses organised by other bodies, education establishments and commercial enterprises.
  • Payments will total £300. This will be awarded as follows, £250 upon successful application and then £50 upon receipt of project report for publication.
  • It is a condition of the Randle Travel Bursary Fund that each recipient must submit a written report (1500-2000 words) to RFS within three months of completion of the project. The report will be considered for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Forestry.
  • Projects should be completed within 12 months of a bursary being awarded. 


How to Apply 

  • Download and complete the Randle Travel Fund application form. In addition, please include your budget and clarify how the project will be funded if the total costs exceed £300.
  • Please save and submit an application in PDF format
  • Applications will only be received by email at Include “Randle Travel Fund Application” in your subject header.
  • All applications will be treated with strictest confidence. A committee will be appointed by RFS to review all applications. No other information will be used to assess each application. Successful bursary recipients will be notified by the end of May.


Congratulations to the Randle Travel Fund recipients 



 *Due to COVID-19 the trips may not take place until next year. 

Bryan Elliot

Project Title- The Sanctuary of an Ecological Island at Maungatautari, NZ.

Research Location- New Zealand.

Project Overview- Bryan will visit members of  the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust. He will learn about how removing all mammals from Maungatautari and the installation of a managed pest proof fence has provided a safe environment to reintroduce some of New Zealand’s most endangered species back to their natural habitat.

Joe Elliot 

Project Title- How Managing Forests in Scotland Could Make Commercial Scale Biochar Production a Possibility in the UK.

Research Location- Finland.

Project Overview- Joe travelled to Tampere, Finland to visit biochar producers Carbofex to gain information on the biochar production process, from raw material to biochar distribution, and the associated costs. Joe, who is studying at Askham Bryan College, toured the Carbofex site and had the opportuinty to interview the Carbofex CEO.

Joe Elliot Randle 2020 2

Karen Batten

Project Title- Climate Change Mitigation, Agroforestry and Forest Conservation.

Research Location- Ecuador.

Project Overview-  Karen will be undertaking an internship organised by Amazon Learning in Ecuador. Through this internship Karen can investigate and collect data for potential disseratation topics with Bangor University.  Karen will be contributing to multiple ongoing conservation projects whilst learning about traditional agroforestry, reforestation and the production of value added products. Karen will have the opportunity to develop her Spanish language skills and gain an appreciation of Ecuadorian traditions and cultures as she lives and works within local communities.

Karen Batten Randle 2020

Mat Curtis

Project Title: The East India Screw Tree: an agent to alleviate poverty in Indonesia?

Research Location: Indonesia.

Project Overview:  As part of Mat's MSc disseratation with Bqangor University, Mat will investigate if this tree could become part of the livelihood systems of poor rural farmers as a component of their agroforestry systems or grown as tree crops.

Mat's research is a baseline study to uncover the ethnographic details of the social, ecological, cultural and economic values of the tree held by the local people. It is with this knowledge that it can be assessed if silvicultural best-practices can be developed to increase yield and create supplier groups with which to effectively tap this million-dollar market for the benefit of the under-privileged, with a focus on gender equality.

Matthew Curtis Randle 2020






Corinne Deal

Project Title: How modern logging practices have been affected by historic anthropogenic activities in swamp biomes.

Project Location: Georgia (USA).

Project Overview: Research looking into the history of swamp logging practices in South East USA, highlighting how climate and environmental conditions influence cultures, daily lives and forestry processes. This project will contribute towards Corinne’s research for her dissertation at the University of Cumbria.

 Corinned Randle Ap 13052019 Cropped

Emily Warner

Project Title: Forest regeneration in south west Norway.

Project Location: Norway.

Project Overview- Assessing the potential for forest regeneration in the Scottish Highlands, using Norway’s successful regeneration efforts as a standard baseline given the climatic and geological similarities between the two regions. This research aims to highlight the impacts that different grazing pressures, land ownership, societal opinion and grant systems may have on successful forest regeneration efforts. This research will contribute to Emily’s PHD studies at the University of Oxford.

 Emily W Randle Ap 080519

Stephen Mwangi

Project Title: Assessment of drivers, opportunities and challenges of Forest certification in Uganda.

Research Location: Uganda.

Project Overview: Investigating the benefits of forest certification in Uganda and how these can translate to Kenya’s progression towards forest certification. Stephen will be meeting with members of the Uganda Tree Growers Association and the Sawlog Production Grant Scheme. Uganda is currently a leading pioneer in forestry standards, protection and certification within Africa. Through this research, Stephen aims to be able to contribute to the forest certification debate in Kenya. Stephen's research will support his MSC in Tropical Forestry as a distance learner at Bangor University.

 Stephenmc Randle Ap 080519

Jacob Bouma

Project Title: Cloud Forest Research.

Research Location: Costa Rica.

Project Overview: Assisting in a current research project assessing the effect of different reforestation techniques (planted vs natural regeneration) on the forest structure of Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. This involves habitat assessments, tree identification and monitoring the development of saplings under varying conditions. This project is part of Jacob’s internship forming an important part of his BSC in Forestry at Bangor University. 

Jacobb Randell Ap 080519 Lr

Toby Allen

Project Title: To learn French methods for mechanizing chestnut coppice products.

Research Location: France.

Project Overview: Investigate the French chestnut coppicing industry, visiting members of the Eurocoppice network focusing upon the different ways that the operation is mechanised. Tobys research will build upon his current experience in coppice practices and background research into the French industry. As the current chair of the National Coppice Federation this project will help develop connections within the coppice industry. Knowledge gain from this research will go towards inspiring the adaptation of machinery in the UK industry, improving the efficiency of operations.


Tom Benson

Project Title: Reforestation Projects in Iceland.

Research Location: Iceland.

Project Overview: Investigate the reforestation efforts in Iceland, a country known for being relatively treeless. Climate change regulations and mitigations as well as the growing awareness of the social benefits of urban forests have encouraged the Iceland Forestry Society to promote the reforestation of urban areas. Of focus will be the species that are planted, both native and introduced, the biodiversity that these sites support, the impact of geology on species selection and the opinions of locals. Tom’s project will provide information for his degree research project in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry at Askham Bryan College.




Annabelle Buckland

Geography student, University of Exeter

Annabelle is currently a final year student at the University of Exeter, studying Geography. She will be travelling to Syracuse, New York to work with the US Forest Service, in order to improve the functionality of i-Tree Canopy software across the UK. This will enable the estimation of Carbon Storage, Air Pollution Removal and Avoided Runoff effects of trees in the UK, as is currently available in the US.
Annabelle wil be building on her previous work with Treeconomics (who pioneered the software in the UK), and collaborating with the US Forest Service, this work will be using shared knowledge and will aim to improve current UK urban forest canopy cover estimations.

Image For Randle Travel Bursary

Chris Andrews

Forestry Student, Bangor University

Chris Andrews is currently studying BSc(Hons) Forestry at Bangor University and is the Vice-President of Bangor Forestry Students’ Association. 

Chris will be going to Mexico as one of four UK representatives attending the International Forestry Student Symposium 2018, where forestry students from around the world will convene to learn about Mexican forestry, share ideas, and hear about forestry practices from across the globe. As one of the delegates for the UK Chris will be representing British forestry and hope to inform and encourage others about our industry.

Caroline Greenslade

PhD Student, University of Surrey

Less people have climbed to the top of sequoiadendron giganteum, the giant coastal redwood, than have stood at the summit of Mount Everest. The largest living things on the planet, they are still surprisingly unstudied in terms of their ecology, structural dynamics, and the impact they have had on the future of the entwined local populations. 
This research will visit the US western seaboard of Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, Humboldt Redwoods State Park and conclude with a visit to a private grove of redwoods for an extremely rare opportunity to climb into the redwood canopy. The trip will collect data to inform a powerful perspective on these phenomena and interview people who have made their living protecting and researching the normally inaccessible worlds that they inhabit.

Ellinor Dobie & Team

Students from Bangor University

Six Bangor students will be honing and testing their forestry skills against 15 teams from across Europe, thanks to the Randle Travel Bursary. 
The Forestry Versatility competition is organised by the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) and has been held annually for the past 32 years. This year it will take place in the picturesque city of Brno, in the Czech Republic. Contestants will battle it out in disciplines including chainsaw work (stock saw, snedding, and bar-changing), buck saw, axe work, timber mensuration, harvester simulation, shooting, orienteering, and the identification of fauna and flora. There will also be tours around the faculty of forestry and wood technology at Mendel University in Brno, and time to explore the city itself.

The students attending are members of the Bangor Forestry Student Association (BFSA).

The team have been diligently training, building their skills and strengthening their team-work. The BFSA-all stars are ready to take on Forestry Versatility 2018!


Details of earlier recipients are available on request from