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Forestry Knowledge Hub


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Active learning in the forest.

The learning resources provided here are intended to help develop a better understanding of trees, woods and forestry in the UK.



The current list of sections are as follows: 

  • Tree Biology - information about tree growth and development, pests and diseases;
  • Tree Pests and Diseases - links to resources and information prepared and presented by the Forestry Commission;
  • Species Profile Project - a series of papers that provide up-to-date profiles of tree species that have potential for wider use in Britain due to climate change and the need to enhance forest resilience;
  • Woodland Management - recommended reference books that support wise woodland management;
  • Decision Support Tools - a suite of online decision support tools developed by Forest Research
  • British Woodlands Survey - report about the UK’s woodlands and those who care for them. It aims to provide an evidence base on which future policies and practice can be developed. BWS2015 is the third survey in the series; 
  • myForest - a free online management service for woodland owners, forestry businesses and wood users;
  • SilviFuture - a network established to promote and share knowledge about novel tree species across Britain;
  • External Advice and Guidance - links to sources of expert information and publications that the RFS recommends as valuable sources of information.


Many of the resources produced by the RFS are delivered in partnership with others. If you would like to collaborate with the RFS to produce educational resources please contact the Education Manager (