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Eastern Grey Squirrels


The following publications are produced by forestry and woodland management organisations to improve knwoledge and understanding of the management of Eastern Grey Squirrels in British woodlands.


  •  Topic - Squirrel Survey Methods
  •  Produced by - Forestry Commission

This publication provides guidance on how to carry out a range of different surveys on squirrels. The document covers surveys of both red and grey squirrels and demonstrates a range of different methods.


  • Topic - Controling Grey Squirrel Damage in British Woodlands
  • Produced by - Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission produced this detailed publication for land owners to provide guidance on how to manage trees and woodland to reduce Squirrel Damage. 


  •  Topic - Squirrel Trapping Guide
  •  Produced by - European Squirrel Initiative

Produced by the European Squirrel Initative this leaflet explains the legal requierments and best practice methods for controling Grey Squirrels in the UK


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