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So, you own a woodland?

In 2015, the Forestry Commission published an update of its handy guide, So, you own a woodland? This guide is now available, by kind permission of FC England, via the links on the right.




1. Getting to know your woodland

  •             Tree and shrub species
  •             Structure
  •             Open space
  •             The age of trees
  •             History

2. Improving your woodland

  •             Managing woodland tracks
  •             Deadwood and old trees
  •             Establishing new trees
  •             Coppicing
  •             Thinning
  •             Invasive plants
  •             Woodland wildlife
  •             Wildlife issues: deer and other browsers
  •             European Protected Species

3. Native tree and shrub species

  •             Species guide (30 short descriptions, with images)

4. Using products from your wood

5. Ancient woodland

  •             Ancient Woodland Indicator Species

6. Biodiversity

  •             Structure
  •             Key habitats and features
  •             Game management

7. A brief history of British woodlands

8. Supporting information

  •             Tree felling laws and grants
  •             Transferring obligations

9. Sources of further information and advice

  •             Organisations
  •             Publications and websites