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Winners make a poetic splash
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Where My Wellies Take Me competition entries have caused quite a splash with the six amazing winners announced today, World Book Day.

The response to the competition held by the Royal Forestry Society to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Teaching Trees programme was overwhelming and charming with entries from across the UK. Read the winners here.

Jacobs Wellies

Above: Jacob's Wellies, winner of KS1

Front page: Stick and Leaf

It was inspired by Michael and Clare Morpurgo’s book Where My Wellies Take Me with the international spontaneous poet judgethepoet, taking on final judging.

He said: "I really enjoyed reading all the children's wonderful poems.  It's great to see how they all realised the importance, as well as the dreamy fun, of trees and forests.  And it's always incredible to see the many and varied ways they find to express themselves.  

“The beauty of poems is that, like trees, every one can be different and yet equally beautiful.  Keep writing, kids!  I'm sure that from these little acorns, some great oaks shall grow!"

Key stage 1 winners (ages 5-7):

  • Winner: Jacob from Staffordshire for Jacob’s Wellies
  • Runner up: Matilda from Shrewsbury for Stick and Leaf
  • Highly commended:Nancy fromShropshire for Fun in the Forest

Key stage 2 winners (ages 7-11):

  • Winner: Oak C of E Primary School, Huddersfield for The Forest at Night
  • Runner Up: Oak C of E Primary School, Huddersfield for Forest Life
  • Highly commended: Lucy from London for Where My Wellies Take me

Our thanks also go to Michael and Clare Morpurgo and their team for providing signed copies of their book Where My Wellies Take Me which was the inspiration for the competition.

And, if you are looking for more books to inspire young people to enjoy woods and trees go to our blog  Teaching Trees team’s top 20 books blog here 

So inspired was judgethepoet by the entries, he penned his own poem!

Trees, say all of the young,

Work like our planet's lung.

So, to look after our air,

Of our forests take care.

What is more, every day,

They're such a fun place to play.

So, treasure every tree,

As much as this poetry!