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RFS Randle Travel bursary boost for research in four countries
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Finland, Ecuador, Indonesia and New Zealand – all destinations this year’s successful Royal Forestry Society (RFS) Randle Travel Bursary recipients are hoping to visit to enhance their forestry knowledge.

 Karen Batten 2  Bryan Ellio 3
 Joe Elliot H S  Mat Curtis Hs

Due to Covid-19 restrictions they will be able to extend travel into 2021.

Karen Batten from Bangor University ( pictured top left)  is hoping to take up an internship focusing on Climate Change Mitigation, Agroforestry and Forest Conservation in Ecuador organised by Amazon Learning to investigate and collect data for her dissertation.

Consultant Bryan Elliot (top right) is aiming to go to an ecological Island at Maungatautari, New Zealand, to find out how removing all mammals has developed a safe environment for some of New Zealand’s most endangered species.

Joe Elliot from Askham Bryan College (bottom left) has visited Carbofex in Tampere, Finland, to research biochar production processes as part of a project into How managing Forests in Scotland Could Make Commercial Scale Biochar Production a Possibility in the UK.

Mat Curtis, also from Bangor University ( bottom right) is aiming to head to Indonesia to research The East India Screw Tree as part of his MSc dissertation. He will investigate whether this tree could become part of the livelihood systems of poor rural farmers as a component of their agroforestry systems or grown as tree crops.

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