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The RFS welcomes blogs from members and experts in their field on all aspects of woodland management, forestry policy, forestry skills, timber uses and woodland education.

The author's opinions are their own and may not necessarily be shared by the RFS. If you have a topic you would like to submit as a blog please email:  

Our thanks to all who have shared their knowledge through blogs on a wide range of topics from  recognising deer damage and planting for diversity to the best classroom in the world and timber  in architecture. Please follow the links below

The most recent three blogs are:  


20 Books For Woodland Learning 1

Top 20 books for inspired Forest Learning 

January 2020 

Looking for books to inspire children and young people to visit and love our woodland and forests? Our Teaching Trees team has come together to create their top 20 books. More here 





Matths Finlandost Wn251119

Learning from Mustila

December 2019

In 2020 the RFS Overseas Study Tour will go to the most forested country in Europe - Finland . Matthew Parratt, the Conifer Referee for the BSBI (Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland) and a research biologist at Forest Research talks about the remarkable work being done at the Mustila Arboretum, one of the destinations on the tour, here




 Simon Lloyd

 Facing up to Ash Dieback 

November 2019 

The following by Chief Executive Simon Lloyd appeared in the November issue of the CLA's Land and Business Magazine and is recreated here with their kind permission. For more on managing ash dieback, see our Case Studies report developed in partnership with Forestry Commission here