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Pests and Diseases



Watch out for further blogs on all aspects of managing pests and disease in woodlands and forests throughout 2019. We welcome new blogs on all aspects of pests and diseases. Please share these pages with others


Becki Gawthorpe Profile Pic

 Don't give pests and diseases an easy ride

August 2019

Becki Gawthorpe is a Biosecurity Outreach Officer with the Forestry Commission and is one of the speakers at our Future Foresters Skills Day on 4 October at Shuttleworth College. She believes there are four commitments you can make to help stop the spread of pests and diseases. See what she says here 



Adam Sharman Photo

Tree Pests and Diseases - are you ready?

March 2018

Being an island, we are at constant threat from new pests and diseases. Adam Sharman argues that education is important and that looking for changes, supported by your knowledge of your woods will put you in a better position to try manage a threat before it becomes a much more serious affliction. More here.




Marie Ellis Castle Howardblog August 2017

Phytophthora Ramorum: Challenges for the Woodland Owner

August 2017

The challenges of dealing with a potential outbreak of Phytophthora ramorum are great for any woodland owner but for those private estates that depend upon income from forestry operations to uphold the Estate and secure the future management of the woodland, the challenges are perhaps even greater. Maria Ellis discusses the approaches they are taking in woodlands on the Castle Howard estate where there is a high concentration of larch. More here