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Woodland Management


Our woodland management blogs cover a range of topics. We welcome new blogs on all aspects of woodland management and will be updating the pages throughout the year. Please share these pages with others.

Martha Blog Oak With Black Truffle Mycelium 4Yr Crop

Truffle Farming

April 2021

Meet Martha McCaroon. Find out how her passion for fungi foraging and the natural world has led to her working with trees and truffles after studying Woodland Management and Conservation. More here.  




Horse Logging Crop

  Horse logging: managing woodland on a Scheduled Monument

 January 2021 

Enjoy the sight of Toby Hoad of Dorset Horse Logging working with his horses Etty and Celine and read how horse logging has helped the Eling Estate protect its ancient monuments, soils and environment here.




Carbon Bryan Elliott Short

Selling Carbon

November 2020

Is forestry too tied up in the debates around yield class, soil carbon, conifers v broadleaf etc? Are we guilty of over complicating the issues to such an extent that it is putting people and organisations off buying or investing in forestry carbon storage? Bryan Elliott considers these questions in the light of the One Life One Tree project. More here.


 Julian Evans

Are you good at silviculture?

April & May 2020

In this two-part blog Professor Julian Evans OBE FICFor discusses why silviculture is in danger of being the cinderella of foresty when it should be at the heart of all that foresters do. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.




Treesare Complex Blog Mark Chester H S

Trees are complex 

March 2020

Mark Chester looks at some of the amazingly complex interactions within and between trees which are beginning to give us a new insight into tree health and how best to plant and manage our trees for the future. Mark is Principal Consultant of Cedarwood Tree Consultants, based in the Midlands.  He also runs the Consulting Arborist Society. Read his thoughts here.



 Cleft Sweet Chestnut Fence Lr Posts

Does Brexit Provide An Opportunity For The Welsh Government To Deliver Its Sustainability Goals Through Land-Use Change From Livestock Grazing To Broadleaf Woodland? A Case Study

February 2020

David Brown uses the award winning Bron Haul woodland as a case study to explore whether land use change from livestock grazing to broadleaf woodland could help the Welsh Government deliver sustainability goals. More here



Paul Orsi Photo 500X564

Using myForest – online tools and resources for woodland management

January 2020

How can digital woodland management planning help you? Paul Orsi, Director of Operations at the Sylva Foundation, who will be leading two one-day RFS courses during 2020 on Digital Forest Management Planning using myForest, explains here



Simon Lloyd 

 Facing up to Ash Dieback 

November 2019 

The following by Chief Executive Simon Lloyd appeared in the November issue of the CLA's Land and Business Magazine and is recreated here with their kind permission. For more on managing ash dieback, see our Case Studies report developed in partnership with Forestry Commission here 





Our love of Wild Service Trees

August 2019

Wild service trees (Sorbus torminalis) may be one of the species  planted more widely in coming years as managers look to increase woodland resilience in the face of climate change, pests and diseases. Marcus and Joan Dixon, owners of the Excellence in Forestry award winning Great Groves Wood in Ware, Hertfordshire, explain how they have been following the development of their collection of Wild Service trees here 



 Andy Moffat 180X202

Forest soil ecosystem services

April 2019

Following on from his blog last year on Six Things to Know about Forest Soils, Andy Moffat has picked up on the theme of forest soil ecosystem services. More here




Tonybird Blogspet Wn 19122018

Planting for diversity

December 2018

 Tony Bird says the saddest environmental disaster of his life time has been the devastation of the UK’s elm tree population. Concerned by what is already happending and what might happen to our other native species he has been planting a diverse range of trees which are not native for more than 20 years on his estate in Warwickshire. More here 



Patrick Faulkner H S 

Recognising Deer Damage

November 2018

Patrick Faulkner is a qualified shooting coach and joined the Deer Initiative as a part time Deer Management Advisor. He talks about the increase in deer numbers he has witnessed witnessed, how to recognise deer damage and the danger they pose to motorists here


Martin3 Treeconfblog Wn 120918

Mycorrhizas: What is happening below the forest floor?

September 2018

Following reports of nutritional imbalances across Europe’s forest trees, Dr Martin I. Bidartondo, Reader in Molecular Ecology at Imperial College London and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, asks What is happening with fungus-roots in our forests?  Ten years of research, he says, have provided some clues. More here



Andy Moffat 180X202

Six things to know about forest soils

June 2018

 Andy Moffat was the author of the first Forestry Commission Soil Guidelines, and has written many other books, papers and articles about forest soils.  He recently helped to assess FC publications for their suitability to underpin the most recent UKFS Soil Guidelines. See his top six things to know about Forest Soils here 



John Morris Dec 15 By Chris Smith

Woodland archaeology - what's it all about?

February 2018

Historic features help give each wood its unique identity, character and sense of place.John Morris explains how these features can be used to work out which areas are less sensitive, in terms of ground flora and soil structure, to modern forestry operations by showing that they had previously been disturbed, and which areas should be conserved. More here