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Media resources

For general media enquiries please contact:

RFS Communications Officer, Wendy Necar:

How we can help

Rfs Leighton Coast Redwoods Comp
Our unique grove of Coast Redwoods at Leighton in mid-Wales 

The RFS has nearly 4,000 members, many of whom own or are actively involved in the  management of woodlands for timber, conservation, recreation or sport. We promote knowledge and learning and provide a strong voice to influence policy on aspects of woodland management and development which impact on our members.

We are happy to respond to media enquiries relating to all aspects of woodland management and to provide information for features.

We own and manage a spectacular Redwood plantation in mid Wales and woodlands in Leicestershire and Hertfordshire, which are examples of best practice. These can be made available as film locations or for photo shoots.

Case studies

We have a range of case studies looking at excellence in woodland and forestry management in award winning woodlands. These are in our Learning section